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How To Mix And Match Earrings

Earrings were among the first types of jewelry. Earrings go with any type of wear. It is necessary for a person to understand what earring is used where.
Dangle earrings, hoop earrings and stud earrings are the types of earrings that one can find.
Hoop earrings come in handy when one is in the mood of making a bold statement and being more visible.
Messy hairdos go well with hoop earrings. When pulling off a casual look or a classic one, hoop earrings are the perfect go to. If a person is looking to have the facial features elongated using earrings, then teardrop hoops are the perfect solution.
Post earrings have a backing enclosure. One can use the post earrings when going to fancy events or occasions. Post earrings can also have dangles as part of their features or gemstones.
studs are the most preferred earrings as compared and are very simple to accessorize. Studs can be a good way to avoid the hassles and weight of dangle earrings.
Dangle earrings apply in fancy events and when you are aiming for pop and color.
Mixing and matching earrings is a new thing that is fun to try. The art of matching and mixing the earrings is what counts.
Considerations to make when trying to blend up the earrings are; the event or occasion, the outfit you are wearing, your own sense of style, simplicity, mismatching and current trends on mixing and matching.
the neckline will determine how one will choose and mix up their earrings. Mix and matching is also determined by the simple nature of the outfit or the classy nature of it.
The nature of the event tells one what approach to take in mixing and matching in terms of simple earrings for simple occasions and classier earrings for classier occasions.
Mixing and matching earrings should also follow what style the person wearing them is into. Addition of personal style to the trend makes one embrace it more and feel more comfortable in trying it out.
Mismatching the earrings is a way one can achieve mixing and matching. Mismatching should not be extravagantly done as it defeats the purpose and ruins the art.
The other jewelry that a person wears or accessories should be downplayed to not make it too bold or overdone.
The hairdo also will determine which direction to take in the mix and matching. What earrings you will use is set by what kind of hairstyle you have.
One can research and look at pictures on new ways to mix and match so that they know how to do it themselves. One can get more insight by asking friends or other people on how they perceive their mix and matching style and what areas to improve on.
One has to be very confident when trying out the new trend.

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